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About Writing

I specialize in therapeutic writing and journal writing. Writing allows people to go within and find their own answers, their own Truths. I've experienced first-hand how writing creates change and if change is what you want then this is the tool to get you there.

Writing is a great tool for healing and for staying sane in what can often be an insane world. I know it saved my life and it gave me a voice. That's why I'm passionate about writing. I've seen what it does for me and I've seen what it can do for others. I've been teaching it for 20 years and every time I teach a workshop I see people transform through their words. I see them make connections they've never made before. I see them get in touch with their truth and start expressing on the outside who they are on the inside. 

Anyone can write. Writing is a gift to yourself - a gift you deserve. Personal writing or journal writing is completely different from any other kind of writing. It doesn't have to have a purpose or have to be written for a specific audience.

Your writing, your journal, can become the best friend you've ever had. It will always be there, will always be receptive to whatever it is you have to share. Often you will find yourself writing things you can't say in spoken words.

And here's the beauty. You can't write the wrong thing and there is no right way to write. There's only your way and when you write regularly it becomes comforting and nurturing, like a security blanket or a teddy bear you can talk to and carry around, only with a journal no one will raise their eyebrows at you.

And there's more. There are no side effects. Anyone can do it pretty much anywhere. It is inexpensive, it is readily available, it is universal and it is therapeutic.

At some point you might even find that writing for yourself, just for the hell of it, and writing for the public begins to overlap. And who knows, somewhere down the line you might even find there's a book inside of you waiting to be born.

About my Workshops
I encourage you to come to one of my workshops. You'll cry a little and laugh a lot. You'll learn you're not alone, and that others are there for you just as you are there for them. You'll reconnect with your joy, with the thrill of giving and seeing and being. Most importantly you'll dance heart first into what is right for you.


Annette Writing

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