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No Place to Hide

There's no safe place to hide. When I make a conscious decision to celebrate who I am, wouldn't you know it, that's when all the creepy crawlies came out of the woodwork and start to nibble at the back of my shins. That's why I say there's no safe place to hide.

I think one of the absolute biggest challenges in life for most of us, if we're willing to be honest about it, is to believe that we are worthy and deserving of time to pursue our own interests, to have our own needs met and to enjoy lives that are rich, full and abundant in every way. I know this challenge sure keeps me on a growing edge.

If we were as quick to look after our own needs as we are to fall into a place of guilt when we actually take a step in that direction, the world would be filled with much happier, well-rounded individuals.

Within this challenge to believe that we are worthy and deserving, one of our biggest struggles is to come to terms with what our own needs are and what others need from us.

Yes, we have to remain aware of the needs of those around us, but not being aware of our own needs and not answering to them, as Susan Fox said, "is the fastest way to destroy the essence of who we are at the core of our being, our soul self."

Whether this is a birthday month for you or not, my wish for you is that you too will choose to celebrate who you are - celebrate your soul self. Taking part in one of the many offerings at Inner Pathways can be a step in that direction.

Riches and Dreams

What do you think is the richest place on earth? In what corner of the world do you think the most riches are found? It's not in the diamond mines of South Africa, the mineral deposits of our oceans, the oil fields of Texas or Alberta, or the forest industry of BC.

The richest place on earth, the richest plot of land on this entire planet, is likely not very far from where you live. In fact you may drive by it every day on your way to work or on your way to the grocery store. The richest plots of land in this entire world are cemeteries.

I can just hear some of you say, "Say what? Have you completely gone off your rocker - the cemetery?" Yes, the cemetery, because beneath those burial plots lies enormous wealth. There are countless unsung songs, unwritten poems, stories not shared, brilliant ideas that could have transformed entire communities or borne hope to weary people.

It's sad but true, that most of our dreams and aspirations are left unrealized and cemeteries are full of unattained successes and unrealized dreams. How many dreams did men and women have that never got tapped, never got done, never got finished, maybe even never got started? How many lives fell short of what they were meant to be? Millions of men and women have died with aspirations that were never unleashed.

Each one of us is filled with ideas and dreams. The questions we need to be asking ourselves today are: "Will we add to the wealth of the graveyards or will we decide instead what our contributions to this world will be? What skills do we have that are being misapplied? How can we use everything we have to be all we can be in this world? What ideas, dreams or seeds that could lead to momentous change for the people around us are we carrying inside us right now?"

Too many of us die rich with dreams clutched tight. We are unwilling to release them, to dare to put them out there and to live them in the world. Too many of us are going to our graves with all our potential trapped inside.

As long as breath remains in our lungs, untapped potential lies inside of us, waiting to be released. If we are still alive it is because we still have a part to play in this world. We need to tap into our potential and to live it. We have something to contribute, to give.

A long time ago, I was at a Sunday service when the minister delivered this message and he continued to say: "Many people's idea of living is to fill their life with lots of things and die rich. The message of the scriptures is to pour your life out of all you've got and to die empty. Don't go to the grave with unused portions of your life, of who you are, of what you have to contribute, to give."

Live your dreams! They would not have been put there if you weren't meant to live them. Life is not about how much you can accumulate; it's not about how safe or secure or comfortable you can make it but how well you can release the dreams that have been placed in your heart and, if you are breathing, you still have a dream in you.

No matter how old you are, you always have a dream. Your dream can make a difference somewhere to someone, perhaps even to yourself. Never stop dreaming. Always have a dream. Dreams are powerful. Every one of us has the capacity to change the world in some small way if we dare to live our dreams. What is yours?



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