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About Online Counselling
For clients who are unable to keep regular appointment times on-line counselling can make the difference between pursuing counselling and doing without.

Working online provides clients with choice of meeting times and clients don’t need to be physically mobile or to be feeling physically 100% in the way they might if they were attending an appointment in the counsellor’s office.

Clients who travel for business or study, or who temporarily relocate to another country, can carry on their counselling without interruption. On-line counselling also eliminates the usual requirement to spend time and money travelling to the counsellor’s office.

The act of writing about one’s experiences itself can be therapeutic and some people find it easier to express lengthy or complex ideas through writing. The writing provides an opportunity to reflect on thoughts, feelings and the other person’s words.

The session is conducted by choosing a time which suits both the client and the therapist. The client and therapist then meet on-line at the specified time, just like they would if they were booking an in-office appointment.

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