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Talking to someone can help you see things in an alternate light.

Now Offering Skype Counselling Sessions

For people who are unable to make office visits because of distance or accessibility, I offer online counselling through Skype, a free, well known video conferencing program which allows us to see each other and is the next best thing to in-person visits.

Skype is a free downloadable program which is quick and easy to install.

I have held sessions with people from Georgia, California, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, all with great success. The only requirements are a private place, your computer and a web cam (which comes with most computers now). Follow the instructions below to upload Skype to your computer, add my Skype name to your contacts, set up an appointment time with me through email or phone and that's it, we're set to go.

Is Skype Confidential?

Yes, all Skype sessions are encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You can read more about it on Skype's website here and here.
To Get Started with Skype:
1. Go the Skype website and download the latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac, then install it on your computer. For help and any questions you have about setting up or using Skype, click here.
2. Open Skype and add me to your Contact List. My username is 'annette.erickson52'.
3. Email or call me to set up a scheduled appointment time for us to meet on-line.

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