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~~Reaching out and asking for help is the hardest! With this realization comes the challenge, how to find the right person to help? Firstly, you check that someone’s qualifications and registration. With that screening complete, what next? Location. Gender, perhaps? Finally, and maybe most importantly, life experience. That’s how I stumbled across Annette. And I’m so glad I did. I entered her office with a current life crisis I needed some perspective on, and was about to discover a pivotal moment in my life. Annette portrayed an atmosphere of calm, knowledge, understanding and trust. I felt secure. On that first meeting, the debris of yesterday came pouring out. I was the only one surprised by this in that room! With Annette’s support and guidance together we have dissected this historic mass, discarding pieces, accepting pieces and looking at old pieces afresh. The journey was hard evoking overdue tears. But amongst the tears there was much laughter and humor too. Thank you Annette. – Leona

~~Inviting Annette into your life and your experience is like sitting with a trusted friend who gently creates the safe space for you to ask and answer the questions that already reside in the truth of who you are. Annette welcomes you without judgement and quietly challenges you to explore new ways of being to allow you to finally become the truest version of yourself......productive, positive, sure and moving ever forward. A trusted and wise companion when negotiating the rough seas to reach the shore and the peace you seek. - J

~~Annette has a gift of gently digging deeper into things to get to the real root of it, with the beautiful effect of more and more self-love as the outcome. I have learned and grown so much with her guidance, knowing I have done the work. I can't Thank you enough Annette and I am so grateful we crossed paths. - VH

~~On my first visit to see Annette for family counseling, I felt absolutely welcomed by her friendly demeanor and calm office environment. I was comfortable sharing the necessary details to start working through the matter without hesitation, she was able to walk my other family member and through the process and offer sensitive mediation in subsequent sessions. We both felt Annette had succeeded in helping us come to an understanding and we've learned to cope with our differences much better.
(Client 2013)

~~Seeing Annette has helped open up many doors for myself. With the help of her journal writing courses and her ability to see me exactly for who I was and am today has allowed me to walk safely through those doors of uncertainty. Knowing that I had someone to walk along side me who loved me in a very compassionate way, allowed me to walk through those doors with more ease, grace and confidence. My self esteem has grown in a beautiful way and I keep growing knowing that I have someone in my life who I can trust and to keep sharing the depth of my experience with.
Kathy S

~~I have found the sessions with Annette to be invaluable. I learned a lot about myself, not only about the roots of the issues I was experiencing, but about blind spots I was completely unaware of. Throughout all the sessions, I felt safe, supported, heard, and understood. I would highly recommend Inner Pathways to anyone.
Austin H

~~On my difficult journey, Annette was always there to offer her support, guidance and friendship. She encouraged me to explore my feelings and to gain a deeper understanding of the stages of grief. She offered me insight into the link between how we manage our feelings and previous experiences with unresolved grief. Everyone, over the course of their life, will experience loss but not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone like Annette to guide them through that dark process.
With Annette's gentle guidance I was able to rediscover my bliss.
Ann S.

~~Working with Annette is a profound experience. Not only do I feel safe and held, her insights and guidance open my heart and mind. I able able to see and experience my life in a deeper way, allowing for the changes to happen in my life. Thanks so much Annette!
Karen S.

Annette has a warmth and openness about her that helps to draw out anything you might be avoiding coming to the surface. I have felt very safe when I am with her and am continually impressed with her ability to be totally in tune with me when I need her to be. She helped me to approach my pain from a physical, mental, and spiritual level which I believe was key in my healing. The prospect of getting help with past or present issues can often feel hopeless and overwhelming, but Annette helps to give you perspective so those monsters in the closet no longer look so big and powerful.
Melanie C.

I started seeing Annette at Inner Pathways after a battle with low self esteem, inner conflict and relationship conflicts. She created a safe yet professional environment for me to open up and share in order to find solutions and work on these issues. In a caring and positive manner Annette helped guide me towards inner peace, self love and better understanding of myself and others. For that I am truly grateful and would recommend her service to all my friends and family. Life presents us with many challenges. It is often with help from others that we may overcome them. Inner Pathways was where I found help.

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