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What is Counselling?
It's a process that empowers, increases self-awareness and our sense of well-being. It's an investment in ourself. And for many; it is the first step on a path of discovering a more positive life.
Navigating through life without tripping over "stuff" is next to impossible. Insecurities, issues or crises eventually cross our paths. One of the best things we can do is to reach out for help so we can find our “Inner Pathway” to reaching our full potential.

When Does Counselling Help?
Counselling can help anytime. It is never too late to seek counselling and it is especially important to do so when our problems are affecting the quality of our life, our interactions with others and our general well-being.

Why Go to Counselling?
To get beyond the insecurities, issues and crises and because we want to get more enjoyment out of life, understand ourself better, and be more in tune with ourself, or feel more connected to family, friends and community. The more we commit to the process the better the results will be.

Who Goes to Counselling?
Those who choose to face their fears, who want more out of life or who want to expand, grow and move forward in their lives both personally and professionally. Counselling is for people from all walks of life - children, teenagers, adults, elderly, single people, people in relationships, married people, divorced or separated couples - basically anyone.

Where Counselling Takes Place?
Counselling takes place in a confidential,safe, supportive, non-judgemental environment which fosters growth and healing.

My office is located at:
Peace River and Donnelly, AB

I We also offer phone and on-line counselling for those who cannot access my office location.

How does Counselling Help? Counselling can:

  • Gives us the opportunity to talk with someone who will listen, understand and accept
  • Offer a better understanding of our thoughts, feelings, behaviours and relationships
  • Provide a way and a place to express our feelings and identify patterns which no longer work
  • Alleviate and help us to understand anxiety, depression and anger
  • Help us develop communication skills to express ourself and relate to others
  • Provide a way to address pain, loss, low self-worth and self-esteem
  • Allow us to move through feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn to
  • Help us to move forward and realize our full potential by working through negative thoughts and destructive behaviours

What is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
Counselling is considered shorter in duration and more proactive in dealing with the effects of a problem.
Psychotherapy might also include the above elements but within the therapeutic process the therapist helps you to identify the patterns and causes to promote changes within you so you are at less risk of repeating the same situation in the future.


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